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You can find two (so far!) glorious pages of John's videos, which have also been uploaded to his YouTube channel. This page features footage from the 2009 E-Day event.

"The videos were shot by Debs, Rae and Charlie (the ‘KIK’ girls!) on only a ‘home movie’ camera which was in the centre of the audience, but, since quite a few folk have asked and have been asking (!) if there is ‘any’ video of our we are!

The ‘digital’ recording of the sound didn’t happen as the hard-drive on which it was being recorded by Groove went down and the files were not recoverable, so the sound is only from the camera itself…oh well…such is life.especially if you’re me!!

Hope you find something to enjoy, as we did whilst there (thanks to all at Groove Unlimited NL)

 Love JD and Crew xx"

Wavestar UKE 85 Time Node

E-Day intros and Evolution Part 1

Evolution Part 2 and E-Day Talk 1

E-Day Talk 2 and Osaka Hai (part)

I F O (part) and Analog E-Day

Moonwind and Silverbird

Posevalue and Darklight Part 1

Darklight Part 2 and Time Node


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